About Us!

We are Jonas and Martha, a recently married couple who love coffee, food, desserts, books, board games, live events, and cool spaces to hang out, relax & have fun.

We wanted to create a place with all of the things we love. Therefore, we got the idea of making this different & friendly space in Bristol, called The Winky Cup ;)
Looking forward to seeing you here <3

Some of the things we have & can offer...

...At our place made with love <3


Some of the best, imported, italian coffee actually ;)


A wide variety of them, including books for university students, professionals, and casual readers.

Board Games Rental

Ranging from classics such as Monopoly & Catan, to more modern ones such as Salem 1692 & Bears vs Babies.

Live events

We are going to be doing these at least once every two weeks so always stay tuned in our website for upcoming events ;)


We have a positive attitude towards life, you will only find smiles and warm service here :) :) :)


Sometimes it can be frustrating to find a place to park, that's why we have a parking place just for our clients!

Food and more food

We have a lot of food in our menu. Including sandwiches, pizzas, and desserts.

Vegan friendly meals

Because we care about everyones food preferences.

Halal meals

Because we don't lie when we say that we care about everyones food preferences.

Our place for you <3

Just the way we imagined it.

Our place, apart from having lots of coffee, food, desserts, and bookshelves, has a small stage for presentations & live events to be held. It also has a board game library where you can rent your favourite boards games to play with family & friends. We want you to come! don't be shy, feel as comfortable as you can!

For reservation of board games click on the button here...

Poetry Slam

Opening event for The Winky Cup!

Since we have such a nice & small stage inside here, we are going to be holding a Poetry Slam at The Winky Cup. Judges and talented poetry reciters will be present! If you want to atend, be here on the 15 of march at 7:00 P.M.
Bring as much people as you want!

For a beatiful poster of the event, click on the button below ;)

Visit Us!

You can find us on Park Street, next to Nando's.

Opening times:

Weekdays: 8:00AM to 8:00PM
Weekends: 11:00AM to 11:00PM

Contact Us

or +44 7384 263500