Hobbit Homes of the Hobbity Famous

Frodo's Home

A hobbit style house built into the side of a hill with a yellow door

Wow! Is this really Frodo's home? No, silly, this is just a stock image of a really lovely Hobbit Home located in New Zealand. However if it was Frodo's home, that would be really impressive.

In the books Frodo and gang meet Tom Bombadil who can wear The Ring without disappearing or being tempted by it. How does that work you say? Perhaps he's older than the trees. Maybe he's magic. Either way, if the council handed Tom the ring, he would have just thrown it away and carried on with his business of being older than the acorns.

Bilbo's Home

Hobbity style house with blue door.

This isn't Bilbo's house either, but it really looks like it could be. And that blue door, a nice touch I would say. As many people know, Bilbo wrote a book about his adventures and when he found the ring that basically ruined his life and his cousin's life as well (yes, they were cousin's and not uncle / nephew). Bla bla bla, yes he saved the world from total evil and darkness, but kinda got a bum deal out of it. Here's a riddle from his meeting with Gollum.

box without hinges, key or lid, Yet golden treasure inside is hid. Answer: Egg.

Alright, alright yeah yeah. He and Frodo got to go live with the Elves and ride on that boat, so maybe not totally a ruined life.

Peregrin's Home

Hobbit small wooden house.

You know after all his adventures, I could see Peregrin living in a tiny home such as this one, but I would expect he might want to paint his door maybe a different colour. My first dog was named Pippin, after Peregrin Took. He became the 32nd Thane of the Shire for 50 years. Well done, Pippin.

Merry's Home

Another hobbit small wooden house with grass on top.

Oh Meriadoc, a kind soul and the most perceptive of the group of Hobbit's that found themselves on a journey. Because he and Pippin drank a ton of Entwater, they ended up being the tallest Hobbit's when they returned back to The Shire. This made them fine catches and ended up marrying beautiful Hobbit ladies. Oh lala!

Samwises's Home

triangular shaped hobbit house by a lake.

Sam was Frodo's Gardener and his best friend. He always, I mean ALWAYS had something to say about everything.

"I know we are going to take a very long road, into darkness; but I know I can't turn back. It isn't to see Elves now, nor dragons, nor mountains, that I want – I don't rightly know what I want: but I have something to do before the end, and it lies ahead, not in the Shire."

Without Sam, we would all have been eaten by Uruk-hai. I do appreciate his determination and support to our wary hero. And found it great that ultimately he ended up dating Joyce Byers and again showing how brave and loyal he was. I guess being a Pirate Treasure Hunter to save his Pacific Northwest costal town from being sold to developers as a child really shapes who you become as a grown-up.

Lotho's Home

Hobbit house covered by a furry roof, and surrounded by dirt/ground and dry grass.

Who's that? I don't know, and he's a Sackville-Baggins, and we all know we don't give them the time of day.